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Kawasaki is a high performance brand that competes with Yamaha for sporting PWC supremacy with a long history of rivalry across bikes and Jet Ski’s. Kawasaki have a smaller range of models than other brands, but their top of the line model is world class and if you are serious about your competitive PWC racing you will seriously be considering Kawasaki. We can tune your race ski to compete with the best on the market from premium brand Yamaha.

SX-R 1500 17-19
Ultra 310 14-19
Ultra 300X 11-13
Ultra 260X 09-10
Ultra 250X 2008
Ultra 250X 2007

Tuning Improvements


Increase acceleration


Increase top speed


Increase rev limiters


Increased power


Remove fault codes for hardware changes where required

Jet Ski Tuning

If you are thinking about modifying your jet ski, get in touch to make sure that you have all the info about the changes you are wanting to make and how the ECU map needs to be modified to suit.

Don’t leave it to chance and risk the dangers of only modifying one part whether it be changing a prop or exhaust or any external elements without mapping the change to the computer.

Jet ski machines are designed by experts and even a minor change will affect other elements of  performance.

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