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We tune a wide range of models

Seadoo are one of the largest manufacturers of power sport engines in the world and a leader in innovation and developments in the (PWC) personal watercraft and Jetskis. They represent some of the most sporty and exciting current designs on the market today, but their older models are also reliable and fun. With the addition of a new ECU tune/remap, even an aging Seadoo can give a new found sense of exhilaration and adventure on your weekend.

Models We Tune

Seadoo produces a wide range of PWC / Jet Ski’s to suit different applications and uses. By understanding what you are trying to get out of your watercraft at the start of the process, we can help tune to get the most out of your usage. Especially if your model is around 6 years or younger in good shape, you will be amazed at the extra performance and response that makes your ride feel like a 2020 model.

RXP-X 300 2020
RXP-X 300 16-19
RXT-X 300 / GTX LTD 300 2020
RXT-X 300 / GTX LTD 300 18-19
RXT-X 300 / GTX LTD 300 16-17
SPARK 14-20
GTR 230/GTR-X 230 17-19

RXT 230/GTX 230 18-19
GTR 215 12-16
RXP-X 260 12-15
RXT-X 260 11-15 / RXT 260 11-16
RXT-X aS 260 11-16 / RXT iS 260 11-12
GTX Limited iS 260 11-16
RXT-X 260 2010

RXT iS 260 2010
RXT iS 255 2009
RXP-X 255 08-11
RXT-X 255 08-09
RXP 215 04-09
RXT 215 05-09 / GTX 215 05-08

Tuning Improvements


Increase acceleration


Increase top speed


Increase rev limiters


Increased power


Remove fault codes for hardware changes where required

Jet Ski Tuning

If you are thinking about modifying your jet ski, get in touch to make sure that you have all the info about the changes you are wanting to make and how the ECU map needs to be modified to suit.

Don’t leave it to chance and risk the dangers of only modifying one part whether it be changing a prop or exhaust or any external elements without mapping the change to the computer.

Jet ski machines are designed by experts and even a minor change will affect other elements of  performance.

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