If you love jetskis, and you would like to share your passion with others, there are jetski clubs around New Zealand that can give you the chance to do more than simply hoon around by yourself.

Below is a list of the clubs that currently have an online presence, if you are part of a smaller group or club that would like to start building, let us know so that we can add you to the list!

Many of the New Zealand jeski club websites are now defunct, with most seeming to run facebook pages instead.

Jetski Sport NZ


This is the official website for the NZJSBA and the sport of personal watercraft racing in New Zealand. Information regarding summer and winter racing, local and international news, entry forms, contact information, and more. 

(The website has not been updated since 2017, but the facebook page is active here).

Jetski Racing NZ


As members of the powerboat racing fraternity, Jet Ski Racing New Zealand members enjoy frequent racing opportunities and social events with other power boat codes up and down the country.

Auckland Jetski Riders Association

The Auckland Jetski Riders Association runs a facebook page here.

Hawke’s Bay Jet Sports Club

The Hawke’s Bay Jet Sports Club runs a facebook page here.

Waikato JetSki Organisation

The Waikato social JetSki Organisation runs a facebook page here.

Taranaki Jetski 

The Taranaki Jetski club runs a facebook page here

Wellington Jet Sports Club

The Wellington Jet Sports Club runs a facebook page here

LAD Jetski Wellington

LAD Jetski is a tiny group of casual riders in Wellington. You will find their facebook here

Canterbury Jetsports Club


The CJSC leases Lake Roto Kohatu form the Christchurch City Council. Membership to the CJSC gives you a personal Key to use Lake Roto Kohatu and the facilities within the set operational hours.

The following clubs are no longer operating

Jetskifishing Club



Auckland Jet Sport Association



Tauranga Jet Sport Association

The Tauranga Jet Sport Association website is DEFUNCT, they run a facebook page here (that has not been updated since 2019).

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