The Sea Doo Spark 90 is a popular model for Kiwi families. Like a BMX bike, it is light, nimble and very manageable for a wide range of ages and abilities.

Chances are if you own a Sea Doo Spark 90, the kids and friends spend just as much time enjoying it as you. If everyone has had a go and its time to raise the performance for a bigger thrill, then we can get up to 115hp out of this playful little toy! That’s some seriously better weekend thrills for everyone without going crazy!

The things you need to consider when tuning a lite recreation jet ski are:

  1. Have you become bored of your Jetski and feel like you might need to buy a new one?
  2. Do you feel that over time the performance has dropped and its time to give your PWC a tweak up?
  3. Have you installed any bolt on performance parts yourself such as changing the impellor, intake or exhaust ? 

You Don’t need to go and buy a new machine for the sake of a few extra HP and a new color scheme. For the tiny price of $800 – $1,200 bucks, you can be roaring past the guy with a new model in just a few days. We can improve your Seadoo Spark 90 investment quicker than you can get back out on the water next weekend!

Don’t be shy, even if you have never got a car or bike or PWC tuned or modded before, we can explain everything you need to know without making you feel like a noob! Get in contact with our friendly team and lets see how much more fun we can help you have!