Dyno Jetski  ECU Tuning in New Zealand

Whether you have bought a new or second-hand Jetski in New Zealand (or overseas, welcome to our Kiwi site!) There are a bunch of things that can be done to upgrade it and get the most out of your hobby. Almost everything on a Jetski can be added to or modified with parts and accessories from providers around the world who, like you, are into finding things to improve.

At Jetski tune, our contribution to the NZ PWC community is the computer and electronics, the ECU that is the brain at the centre of your PWC machine.

When you change something physical on a PWC like an impeller, you also need to make sure you tell the computer what you’ve changed.

These are highly engineered and designed pieces of machinery. If you change anything, it will affect something else. If there is one thing we can help you out with, it is this little piece of advice – tune first, upgrade second, re-tune third.

If you start with tuning, you get a snapshot of your machine and how it is performing, before you start messing around with it. Then, if you are making changes, you can tell if they are getting the results you want. It also helps to discover if the upgrades you bolted on are actually helping you – based on proper testing!

Jetski Dynamo Testing in New Zealand

At Jetski Tune we have our own Jetski Dynamo that lets us test your craft in the water – under static test conditions – and tune in real time.

The difference in our tuning quality is that our results are not guesses, but real-life testing and experimentation to tune your jetski to the goals you are trying to achieve, whether it be economy, power or control.

That’s how we do it! If you are serious about upgrading your jetski, you will find plenty of websites of people that dabble around with ECU tuning – but unless they have the thing on the water, you just can’t get the same perfection that physical testing yields. It’s a whole different level of precision.

Our testing facility is in Taupo, but we can still help you.

As more and more craft come through our jetski dyno, we increase the number of craft that we have already tested in our facility.

Overall, there is a relatively small number of PWC models (personal watercraft) compared to say, cars, which means 9 times out of 10 we have experience with your craft.

Top 4 Jetskis in in New Zealand

The following models are the most common in New Zealand and we have have the most extensive experience within the country.

  1. Seadoo Spark
  2. Seadoo GTR
  3. Yamaha Waverunner
  4. Yamaha Cruiser SVHO